28 January 2009

Books and other useful documentation

Visit the OpenObject Documentation site, there you can find the OpenERP books and other valuable documentation. The OpenERP Book on the main page is the book that we could buy in the webshop extended with two chapters, stock and production management. The whole site is in development, changing rapidly but for us who needed this information yesterday it's already a good solution. The whole thing can be downloaded from a launchpad site. The source is in rst format and Sphinx >0.5 can generate html, latex and pdf from it.

27 January 2009

Debugging and profiling

There are two recently added tools that can help OpenObject developers, debug() and @profile.
If you insert debug(variable) somewhere in your code it prints the variable name and contents to the server console. To use it, you have to 'from tools.misc import debug' and start the server with '--log-level=debug'.
Profiling measures method and function execution times. Look it up in the Python Standard Library. 'profile' should be used as a function/method decorator but unfortunately I don't know how to make it work yet...

26 January 2009

New field: type_tax_use in account

Account.tax.type_tax_use has been recently added to trunk. It is a selection field that can have a purchase, sale or all value and it is used as a domain in purchase and sale views to filter the right kind of taxes.
So from now on purchase forms only purchase taxes and on sale forms only sales taxes can be selected. 'All' type taxes appear in all places (this was the old behaviour).

23 January 2009

Unicode reports with ReportLab

Yesterday I've just figured out that OpenERP's default report engine is still unable to create PDF reports with full unicode character support. Only the characters present in the Latin1 encoding are allowed.
This is all because the PDFs are genereated with the old standard Type1 fonts that have only Latin1 characters. The solution is to use TrueType fonts that have proper unicode support.
After browsing the forums and the net for some time I created a blueprint and a wikipage with a possible solution.
bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/319595