25 November 2010

Asynchronous Messaging with OpenERP

We already have synchronous messaging with XML-RPC. Now a new module is created that provides a framework to make async messaging easy with OpenERP.

The module should be used for building integration solutions based on messaging patterns.
It provides:
- A framework for sending and receiving STOMP messages.
- A serializator/deserializator that creates and reads an XML representation of any OpenERP object.
The module is based on Cloves J. G. de Almeida's mbi module, especially the XML serializator.

There's also a demo module that has a pre-built interface to sending and receiving messages.

I've put the modules async_messaging and async_messaging_demo in stable 5.0 extra addons.


  1. Interesting. Was looking for something similar and stumbled upon this blog entry. Out of curiosity, are you using this in a real life situation or just as a proof of concept?

    If so, could you tell a bit about it?

  2. We use it production and we have used this module's predecessor for a year.
    It's for integrating a proprietary POS application with OpenERP. It sends products, partners and receives POS orders. The other side is a small python app that saves the messages to files that the proprietary app reads and vice versa.
    There's a small messaging test application that can be used as a proof of concept for a standalone python messaging client.

  3. Very good idea, I will have a look at it. Thanks.


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