12 August 2010

Customer credit limit control module

I've just published a new module in stable 5.0 extra addons

The Sale Order confirming button checks if the partner's
receivables minus payables plus the order's total
exceeds her credit limit.
If it does, it doesn't let the user to confirm the order.
Managers have an extra button to bypass the check but
of course the credit limit itself could be lifted, too.


  1. How does this differ from Partner Credit Limit (module partner_credit_limit)

  2. partner_credit_limit:
    -considers only past-due receivables minus payments
    -you set it on the partner form if he's allowed to exceed his limit and after that it's applicable for every sales order

    -considers all receivables minus payments
    -there's an extra button for managers on the order to confirm it even if the partner would exceed his limit


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