13 August 2010

Product related price list items

I've just published a new module called product_related_pricelis_items in stable 5.0 extra addons

A convenience wizard on the product form to show and edit only the price list items that are relevant. This means that you can choose a price list version from the product form and you get an editable grid with only those items that are defined for that product or it's categories (including some parents) or aren't restricted at all.

NOTE: Needs the --enable-code-actions parameter for the server.


  1. what is the module called

  2. I've updated the article with the module's name:)

  3. Said Hi, I installed your extension but failed to make it work !!
    I think the problem is:

    NOTE: Needs the --enable-code-actions parameter for the server.

    Why do not you understand what you mean!

    Can you explain "Needs the - enable-code-actions parameter for the server. "

    Thank you very much !!

  4. You have to add '--enable-code-actions' to the script that starts you OpenERP server.

    For example on my machine I have a script in /etc/init.d/openerp-server where I appended it to the line that begins with 'start-stop-daemon'.

    Probably you could add 'server_actions_allow_code = True' to your openerp_serverrc instead but I haven't tried that.


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